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Cosmetology positions are strictly monitored by state licensing boards and will require the applicant to have some kind of professional education or training before the individual is allowed by law to perform the services of cosmetology. You should include all of your formal and informal cosmetology education and training in this section of your cosmetology resume. Examples of information to mention include attendance of state-licensed beauty schools, short-course training sessions, cosmetology internships and apprenticeships, and any other relevant education or training in this area, which may also include national workshops offered by leading cosmetics companies in the field.

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A cosmetology student studies the beauty techniques and other cosmetic services to be offered to the customer. A cosmetology student needs to be extrovert and proficient in building an immediate rapport with the customers and moreover highly efficient at the technical knowledge and customer service. Hence, a cosmetology student resume samples should reflect all such qualities that a recruiter may be expecting from the candidate. A sample resume for cosmetology student is given for your reference. Visitor students may feel free to refer to the resume and tailor it to fit to their requirements. Proof read the resume, before you send it across, as any silly English grammar mistake may bring the opportunity at stake.

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Here is a cosmetologist resume that belonging to Eva Ramirez. The name and contact details of the candidate are well presented in tabular format.

Cosmetologist Resume Sample The article is a short analysis of the resume of a cosmetologist that would prove helpful to aspiring candidates of cosmetology.