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Common questions about online resume forms:

What happens if I still want to receive hard copies of resumes?
ResumeWare can assist you in setting up your scanners to upload resumes, or if the volume is high, we can work with outside scanning vendors (or recommend one to you).

If candidates do not have a soft copy of their resume to upload, how can the get their resume in the database?
An optional custom resume builder is available, walking candidates through all the questions commonly found on a resume (education, past experience, etc.).

How do you accommodate users that may not have internet access?
You can set up a computer in your staffing office and use it as a kiosk. The computer does not have to be fancy - any computer with internet access will work.

5. Copies of resumes of all principals

I've heard that it's very important to have a hard copy of a resume available when attending career fairs and when presenting yourself to potential bosses that you haven't sent one to. I would imagine that older bosses see bringing a printed resume as a sign of preparation and conscientiousness, but perhaps younger people, bosses included, see it as unnecessary redundancy. Great answer!

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Is a municipality required to make accessible copies of resumes submitted by applicants for an open space committee?

As a teacher, I know well the problems inherent in providing anything resembling a template. When I first began teaching resume writing, I wanted my students to have authentic resumes as models, so I gave them copies of resumes by former students with the names whited out. Inevitably, a few students turned in a resume sans any name at the top, thinking they were dutifully following the model. Next I took to using example resumes from a text, but the textbook included boxes around the resumes to resemble page edges, so some students handed in their resumes with boxes around them. Finally, I turned back to real student resumes with fictitious names, but one student actually handed in his resume using the fictitious name, explaining later that he liked the name better than his own. As a teacher, no matter my approach, it seemed I always managed to find a few students who were determined to surprise.