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How to Write a Controller Resume

Use the following controller resume sample as a guide to create your own professional resume. This example controller resume should be personalized to reflect your own career history, job experience, qualifications, skills and education.

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Controller resume is one of the trickiest writing I ever got to do. For over a month I was stuck not knowing where to start. I am so glad Grand Resume critiqued my resume. I got so many new ideas of how to go about it. Thank you for a great job!
Nathan Halk, MA

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That day in 1990, I was screening Controller resumes for our company's CFO. As much as I tried to focus on the resume-screening task at hand, my mind wandered. The voice in my brain began to needle me.

Are you applying for a Controller position? Do you need to update or tailor your resume for a Controller job? Review our Controller sample resume below to see how to make the most of your credentials. Experience is important when seeking a controller position and candidates with relevant work experience are better placed. Thus, previous experience and the responsibilities handled should be emphasized. Educational background and training in an aviation related field also serves as an edge. Controllers need to have the following qualities: decisiveness, articulateness, retentive memory and concentration. These qualities should be emphasized and presented appropriately in the resume. Further assistance on writing a resume can be obtained by checking out sample controller resumes online.