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Mike Allison, Principal of Michael Allison Consulting, works with nonprofits and foundations to achieve greater organization effectiveness in the nonprofit sector. Mike served as Director of Consulting and Research at for 15 years. Mike led the development of CompassPoint’s consulting practice into one of the country’s leading nonprofit consulting groups, serving over 300 organizations each year with $3 million in revenues. A major aspect of the CompassPoint consulting practice was the design and delivery of capacity building initiatives; typically one funder providing support to a group of nonprofits. Mike designed and led 14 of these projects including the widely recognized with the , and (see for description and evaluation; the project was cited as a prime example of creative grantmaking in the article , Stanford Social Innovation Review, Winter 2004. Prior to this role, Mike worked with several activist organizations and served as the executive director of a community organizing project in Hartford, CT.

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Director of Consulting and Research
CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, 1990 – 2004. (concurrently served as Associate Director 1994-2004) Staff of 35. Budget of $5 million. Managed full service management consulting practice with individual nonprofits as well as foundation and government sponsored capacity building initiatives. Managed group of 12 staff consultants and upwards of 30 affiliate consultants serving over 300 organizations each year. The consulting practice grew from less than $100,000 in revenue in 1990 to $3.0 million in revenue by 2003. Consulted individually in areas of strategic and business planning, governance, and organizational development. Designed and led 14 capacity building initiatives sponsored by both foundation and government funders.

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By now, you have probably realized that consulting requires a more unique (and sometimes hard to describe skill set) than your regular marketing or accounting job. So it should come as no surprise that you’ll need to adjust your resume accordingly.

Consultants are usually hired for specific projects and whenever consulting services are required in any field, resumes are typically requested from different consultants. A larger part of the decision to employ or not to employ a particular consultant for a project is made based on the content of the resume. As such, it is a wise decision to utilize consultant resume samples, which can be found online, to serve as a guide on the vital aspects of a resume.A perfect consulting resume should directly speak to consulting people. It should be written in a consulting-like tone and should highlight skill sets which are relevant to consulting. In order to nail it, you should (1) understand the management consulting industry and (2) have someone in the industry give you their feedback. (see that you can and should include in your resume)