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In this civil engineering resume, efforts have been taken to make resume writing easy and less time consuming. By altering some information as per the need, a good resume can be written by following .

Free sample civil engineer resume.

This is an article that contains a civil engineer student resume in it. Check out resume sample for your referecne. There are many branches in engineering and civil engineering is one of those. A civil engineer student is one who does a four year Bachelor's degree course in civil engineering. A civil engineer student works in construction industry. His work includes planning, designing, and assisting seniors in every work. Some students prefer Master's in civil engineering but to get a job, at entry level, a Bachelor's degree is sufficient.

Free sample civil engineering resume.

Best Writing Style of a Civil Engineer Resume

There is more than one way to craft a civil engineer resume. However, there are common components that must always be included. Start with personal contact information such as name, address, telephone number and email. Next, create a job objective that briefly describes the goals in the position applying for. Following that, should be a section for educational background. Add a section that will list all degrees and certificate that relate to the position. Include the names of the institutions and the dates attended. Finally, provide a section describing work history. Each entry in the work history section should provide a bulleted list of skills, title, responsibilities and recognition achieved at that job.