If you are in this group there are distinctive considerations and matters that must be tackled. If you are writing a business owner resume to obtain employment, (sometimes business owners need resumes for obtaining loans, when seeking capital, or taking on partners) before starting, there are some considerations about how you will be viewed and questioned by employers. Understanding these issues can help you create a cover letter and resume that will highlight relevant skills while offering some assurance to a potential employer’s possible apprehension. By being aware of these likely concerns in the beginning, you can align your mindset from writing through the interview process with providing reassurance to employers.

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There are two main areas where you should tackle these issues; the resume objective and the cover letter. While an objective can be excluded from your business owner resume, this section can also be a great opportunity for you. Your resume objective can include a statement such as:

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Small business owner resume is written when an owner of a business feels the financial crunch or when the business is going nowhere and the owner has decided to give it a rest and pursue a career as an employee. While doing this, he brings along his leadership skills and other qualities such as the ability to take initiative to the table.