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Providing your name on your artist resume is deceptively straight-forward. I describe it that way because some artists make the mistake of using aliases. You DON'T want to use an alias when submitting this information.

Artist resumes should contain the following:

The most important part in an arts resume is thus the work experience section as we all know. This section will give a strong standing to your resume and differentiate you from other candidates. Thus, you need to stress on this part and prove your ability there.

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In general, a portfolio consists of various presentation materials representing the artist and their work. Some artists will have a very detailed and , but the basics almost always include an artist resume and bio, an artist’s statement, work samples, press clippings or reviews of artwork, and, if appropriate, a query or cover letter.

A special section in an arts resume is the 'bibliography'. In this section, you need to mention all the appreciations of your work - articles written in your appreciation, interviews, reviews, etc. Another important part that needs to be considered while constructing an arts resume is the 'collections' section. However, you cannot display this part in your resume, but surely mention that you can show the collections when asked for.An artist resume may include some or all of the following sections, in addition to the standard Education, Experience, Honors and Awards, and Skills sections:Writing an artist resume requires different material, organization, and formatting than the standard resume does. Depending on the particular job, and the particular field of interest, artist resumes will highlight a number of skills, and include a number of sections, that are not present in a standard resume or academic CV. For this reason, an artist resume may be slightly longer than the standard one-page resume. Keep in mind too that the resumes discussed here relate primarily to positions with commercial galleries, museums, exhibition opportunities, and certain grant applications. Moreover, while its length, up to four pages, is similar to a short curriculum vitae, it is not intended for academic situations. Resumes are an important component of gaining employment in any field. It's usually the first impression a potential employer receives. For visual artists, having an outstanding art sample resume in conjunction with a well-designed website is crucial. The internet's instantaneous appeal allows artists to display their work all over the world to potential customers. So having an attractive, easily navigable website which shows their work off to advantage is highly recommended.