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Airline pilot positions require extensive amounts of formal training as well as strong personal discipline levels. An airline pilot resume needs to highlight both safety skills and your personal traits. A positive attitude, high stress tolerance, and flexible outlook are critically important to employers.

Airline pilot resume example. This pilot was hired by United Airlines.

Follow this commercial airline pilot resume to understand the effective ways of writing a resume. As a pilot the core responsibilities would remain the same. Hence, this resume stresses less on describing the job responsibilities. The resume begins with the traditional way of writing name, contact details and career objective. The objective is concise and expresses only the name of the position desired by the candidate. After the objective is a short career profile that describes the work nature and responsibilities performed by the candidate, Jeffery Jones. Ratings, certificates and flight hours have been highlighted in full galore and present the abilities of the candidate expressively. The resume ends by enlisting the organizations the candidate has worked for.

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