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An achievement resume often cinches the deal, and helps you gain immediate employment. Potential employers are very impressed when you can offer tangible examples of how your efforts resulted in a positive affect for the company. In sales, this is particularly true. If you can list that you were “#1 sales person” for the organization you worked for, or that you even held this honor repeatedly, you have a huge advantage over other applicants.

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But what about all the stuff we are leaving out. There will be time for that. They will discuss it at the interviews or they won’t. We now have a targeted rifle type resume we can distribute to that kind of job, we also discussed a pure sales achievements resume for potential sale manager type roles, and we discussed a combo resume that would be aimed at General Managers type positions. He thought he would like to run someone else’s business if he could primarily focus on dealmaking.

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Of all the resume formats, the achievement resume is the one I find to be most powerful. It doesn’t fit all job seekers’ situations, but if it fits yours, it can have tremendous impact. The achievement resume is frequently the most effective way to stop potential employers in their tracks and get the salary dollars rolling in an upward direction. I bet you’d like that to happen to you! This chapter explains what an achievement resume is and helps you decide whether it’s the right format for you.