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Accounting Internship Resume Example

This resume template of a candidate applying for an accounting internship uses a classic resume layout. The name, address and contact information are mentioned at the top of the resume. Two lines separate the header from the rest of the resume. The format used is that of a chronological resume complemented by a summary of qualifications and a list of core skills and knowledge on top. The applicant does a good job a using bold, italics and capital letters to highlight the information on the resume template in a consistent manner. The use of checkmarks in the core skills and knowledge section adds a touch of dynamism to the resume as a whole, making this accounting internship resume template look professional and upbeat.

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While opting for the accounting internship position; you do not have that much practical experience or expertise needed for accounting. Hence, accounting internship resume should consist of all your relevant academics credentials, skills and capabilities which will help you to get selected for the internship project in the company. You should focus on the relevant soft skills and remarkable achievements to catch the employer's attention and thereby improve the chances of selection.

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The Accounting Internship Resume Template is a useful document for those wishing to compose a resume for acquiring an internship in this field. Attaining an internship is a vital step for accounting students who wish to take a future career in accounting seriously. While accountants enjoy having a specialized skill requiring specific certification, they must […]