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The role of the accountant is both vital and varied, and is usually broken down into several categories. An accountant deals with tasks related to a business’ finances and regulatory compliance, and as such plays a central role in the ongoing economic viability of a business. As accounting is such a vital role, companies are very strict when employing an accountant. This article will focus on skills that companies prefer to see in an accountant resume.

accountant sample resume : accounting resume sample

Here is a question many accounting job hunters ask: Should I compose an accountant resume objective? The answer is only if the statements are employer focused in alignment with your goals. An effective resume objective tells a hiring manager exactly what open position you are applying for and why you are a candidate to see.

Key elements to include in a staff accountant resume:

Elements not to include in a staff accountant resume:

When constructing your finance or accounting resume, summarize your strengths and key qualifications in the top half of the first page. This can be accomplished with the Professional Profile and Areas of Expertise sections. Here is an example of an opening paragraph for an individual seeking a CFO position:

An accountant is responsible for carrying out various tasks and functions associated with accounting. His primary work is to prepare yearly financial statements viz., trading, profit and loss account and balance sheet. Trading, profit and loss account show profitability statement, whereas balance sheet shows the financial position of an organization on a particular day. Some of the key functions that an accountant is expected to complete are as follows:When developing your finance or accounting resume, focus on skills, areas of expertise, certifications and specific accomplishments. The resume must convey what you can do for the companies you are targeting. This can be accomplished by illustrating how you contributed to previous employers' or clients' fiscal health.