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The functional resume format focuses on portable skills or functional areas and ignores chronological order. The functional resume style omits dates, employers, and job titles in its purest form. It is

Here is a sample of a 2-Page Combination Resume Format (our most popular!)

This format offers the best of both the chronological and functional resume formats by providing the reader with a powerful summary of your qualifications followed by the main body containing your skill groups and ending with your employment history and education.

Resume Samples by Type of Job and Resume Format

3. Submit the same resume for every job. Tailor it to the specific requirements needed.

The sample resume created for project managers is in the combination resume style that's been modified slightly to accommodate the certifications section mentioned earlier. Individuals that don't have a lot of on-the-job experience might want to consider using the functional resume style. This way the skills and knowledge acquired are highlighted and the document doesn't draw any attention to a perceived weakness.